Tim & Carrie Cooney


About the Photographers

Tim and Carrie Cooney, married for 39 years, have made a career of the outdoors. Among the climbing/peak-bagging community, they’ve become known as “The Climbing Cooney’s.” While climbing Colorado’s highest peaks has been one of their foremost activities, they also enjoy road biking, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, canyoneering and visiting locales most people will never see in person. Their many adventures enable them to not only experience, but also photograph some extraordinary locations in the Rocky Mountains and the deserts of the Colorado Plateau. Not being photographers in the more traditional sense, they refer to themselves as “adventure photographers,” because the journey is as much about the adventure as it is the photographs they bring back.

The advent of digital cameras brought them back into photography, having for a season gotten away from film cameras. The advancements made in digital photo processing has opened new doors of creativity and offered the opportunity to display the wonders of our surrounding landscapes in eye-catching colors and detail so that the printed photo more closely resembles both what the eye saw and what the heart felt. Having climbed all of Colorado’s ranked, fourteen thousand and thirteen thousand foot peaks, and a total lifetime combined ascents of over 1,600 summits, Tim and Carrie delight in bringing to the public by way of their photography, the exhilaration of the mountain terrain and the mesmerizing colors and forms of the “canyon country.” Through their photography, experience the remote places you may never have an opportunity to see in person. Join them on this journey here and through their website at: www.highestgroundphotography.com
as they share the beauties and wonders of this glorious creation.