Susan Delgalvis


Artist Statement

An appreciation of life forms and their interaction is inherent in the human condition. My paintings express the knowledge and experience I have gained through the healing arts and are influenced by the visual language of nature's shapes, colors, and textures.

I perceive the simplicity of nature, separated into basic elements, then coming together in a unified image, tethered to our collective consciousness.

I prefer the medium of encaustic for this work as it lends itself to the message by enhancing physically, luminosity, and depth.

I push the boundary. I take a chance. This unfolding of the life blood of me creates my art.

I accept that my art is an expression and exploration of who I am.

About the Artist

Susan Delgalvis, an Ohio native, received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and M.D. from Thomas Jefferson University. She remained a linear thinker until January, 2006, when while vacationing in Taos, New Mexico, she "experienced" an artist giving a demonstration in working with pastels. She bought his painting and embarked on a unexpected artist's journey, initially working in pastel, then onto oil, acrylic, and encaustic painting. The body of her work is best described as abstract expressionism. Her encaustic paintings have been described as sculptural.

Susan has exhibited in solo, group, and museum shows throughout the United States and Latvia.

In 2016, Susan embarked on a full-time studio practice after retiring from Hematology-Oncology. She had practiced medicine and had been involved in the art community in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Alaska.

She and her husband, Andre Delgalvis, a fine art photographer, author, and naturalist, own Studio 2138, a working studio and gallery in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are inspired by the geologic diversity of the Colorado Plateau.