Katie Hill


Artist Statement

I am a local artist who specializes in Colorado and Alaska landscape, animals and flowers. I display my paintings locally and participate in groups whose goals are promoting the arts.

My paintings capture the depth of scenes using contrasts in values. The shadows are subtle but the areas in the sunshine glow. My paintings are either moody or serene but never dull. Some of my paintings are photo realistic and some are more impressionistic depending on my interpretation of the subject

About the Artist

Local artist, Katie Hill, specializes in painting local landscapes. Growing up in Alaska she was influenced by her surroundings and inspired by landscape paintings of both of her grandmothers. She uses personal photographs as references and delights in merging multiple images to create unique paintings. She is active in the art community, displaying her paintings locally and participating in groups whose goals are promoting the arts. Her art is now on display at the Blue Pig gallery in Palisade.