Bob Martin


Art is an expression of myself, it’s my persona.

I was never really talented at much of anything- so I find art was something I could work at my own time and leisure.

Art is not a natural skill—I have to work at it continually.

I love viewing a rich, colorful luscious piece of art with bold brushstrokes and strong notes.

I tend to work fast-one, because it’s my personality and two, I don’t like details, rather the feeling and enjoyment free moving work. A great artist Robert Henri said “…. that much thought leads to a timid brushstroke”

About the Artist

Bob Martin of Desert Gold Art Studio began painting as a hobby and a way to relax. He and his wife Kathy owned a full service floral and decorating store in Phoenix, Arizona. Painting provided a relaxing avenue to be creative in a different medium.

He studied under artist David Manje, of Mesa, Arizona for eleven years. Bob “caught the fever” and now paints everyday.

Bob loves the impressionistic style—working with bold colors and heavy brush strokes.

Bob has been inspired by many artists in Arizona such as David Manje, Harold Nelson and Jim Elderberry. In Grand Junction Bob has taken workshops and painted with artists Jac Kephart, Steven Datz, Dan Loge, Chuck Morris, George Callison and Travis Jardon.

He has been fortunate in winning some first place ribbons at varies show.