Arden Blatter

Whimsical form and brilliant colors have always made me smile.  My involvement in art for years was through still life painting with pastels and acrylics, a medium I truly enjoyed.   My love of painting has taken on a new form with the discovery that I can achieve a vibrancy and depth of color which is greatly enhanced when fabric dyes are painted on silk.  This use of fabric dyes on silk leads me on a journey from the start of an idea and ends wherever the color chooses to blend and interact, often far from the original intended destination. The ability to hand over control of the end result is a new experience for me; one that gives me freedom and joy in the unexpected. The organic elements that surround my world in the form of fruit, flowers, vegetables, even animals, have inspired me to put paint brush to silk. From there the sewing machine with a free motion foot completes the journey, giving an added depth, and brings the piece to life with dimension and definition.