Anita Alexandra


Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist who has pursued eclectic instruction to remain true to my personal journey.  Many would describe me as creative, yet I did not pick up a paint brush until 2004. I work with acrylics and sometimes multi-media to express the natural symbolism of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  

This approach to painting has emerged out of my practice of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui Design. Although the colors for the five elements are specific and somewhat monochromatic, it is easy to “balance” or enhance an original concept with the textures, shapes, subject matter and splashes of color that are characteristic of each element. Although I reserve the freedom to follow my inspirations, my style leans toward abstract and contemporary landscapes with the use of bold and vibrant color.

I am fascinated by the esoteric implications of patterns that occur in nature that are also reflected in every person and aspect of life—the way in which a random, inconsistent landscape appears to flow in a natural, aesthetically appealing order. It is engaging for me to explore the role art plays in everyone’s life as choices in everything from clothing to jewelry; buildings to home décor, as it has the potential to reveal a great deal regarding our essential natures and potential for unlimited expression.

As a long-term resident of Colorado, I love being outside in nature. A recent stay in the Pacific Northwest made me aware of the significance of Totem Poles. This prompted my interest in the amazing design and faces hidden within the formation of trees as expressed in my series—Tree Talk—a body of work in progress that will encompass a variety of tree symbolism locally and from around the world.